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High Limit Properties LLC was established combining the knowledge of two partners with an extensive history in the construction, project management and real estate industries.  Our company strategy allows us to build your dream home with the highest quality building products while keeping new home buyers’ costs down.  It is our mission, “To build attractive, modern homes utilizing high-quality building materials and precise craftsmanship, while being conscious of new home buyers’ costs.” 

Jon Lange started Ace Concrete in 2004, servicing customers throughout the Midwest and as far as Florida.  Ace Concrete’s projects range from house foundations to large scale projects for commercial grain and warehousing facilities including concrete construction and overall project management.  Ace Material Placing is a sister company to Ace Concrete and operates one of the largest fleets of conveyor and pump trucks in the Tri-State area.  Jon is also the managing partner in Hatch Building Supply which services Wisconsin, Iowa, and Northern Illinois.



Drew Spidahl owned and operated Ag-Tech, Chadwick Oil & Ag, MaxGro LLC and CropMax LLC which provided crop input to farmers and serviced customers in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Indiana.  He also launched Ag-Tech Air LLC in 2012, which was a crop-dusting business servicing growers and retailers in the Midwest.  In 2019, Drew sold the agriculture input and crop-dusting businesses to a publicly traded company and focused on other business ventures. Drew has also been involved with various real estate ventures from investment properties to property development since 2007.  Currently he owns and manages DJ Spidahl LLC, Badgerland Enterprises, MLT Ventures, Triple Double Ag, Stateline 815, Big Game Acres, and Platinum Point Properties.

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